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Fred Fowler. Artist

I have always been painting, or drawing, something and evaluating it with my siblings, most of whom have developed particular interests in art. They have keenly influenced my artistic development. I have been exposed to many styles of art, from abstract to high realism. As a result I can be very eclectic. I am able to call on an extensive stylistic ‘repertoire’ depending on inspiration, and aims with a particular subject.

I have no favourite medium, in pursuit of particular results, I switch from oil to acrylic to watercolour in different techniques. I love to experiment with different ways of making art using oils, acrylics or watercolour, or using monotype techniques.


I use photography as a tool, gathering images all the time. The ease of digital imaging has become a valuable tool which helps in identifying painting subjects. It permits early choice of subjects and assists in evaluating style and method towards best achieving my goals. My current preference is painting realistic images mostly in acrylic from my photo collection; largely gathered on travels in and around rural Ontario. I want to show people what has influenced me over the years and share with them some of the images I have created. Please remember, I retain the copyrights for my art.

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